SMIIEL Component (A unit of Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd) SMIIEL - Component Division (A unit of Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd)

SMIIEL (a unit of Motherson Sumi Systems Limited) is a commercial moulding and metal stamping shop supplying critical high precision parts and assemblies to a wide spectrum of industries.

SMIIEL specialises in small and medium sized, high-precision, surface critical injection moulded components and metal-plastic assembled components, offering an extensive range of components and assemblies for automotive and electronics industries. The company specialises in manufacturing of wiring harness components, Electrical parts, Healthcare machine parts, automobile interior and exterior parts etc.

Manufacturing facilities include:

  • Top-of-the-line Injection Moulding Machines with complete Auxiliary equipment
  • Machine range from 05 Ton to 650 Ton Clamping Force
  • Closed Loop Processing with NC Controllers and SQC Tables
  • Gas Injection Moulding
  • Insert moulding on vertical dual stage machines for metal with plastic, plastic to plastic over moulded parts
  • Ultrasonic Welding and heat stacking facility.
  • Components moulding capacity up to 3.2 Kg shot weight
  • Painting, printing, welding and assembly operations
  • Press Stamping on multi-stage multi cavity progressive tools.
  • Bus-bar and high precision terminal manufacturing
  • Comprehensive laboratory facilities for product validation.
  • Automatic Junction Box and Relay Box assembly line.

The product range includes

Automobile Industry

Inside handles, outside handles, window regulator handles, garnish, trims, clusters, side louvers, center louvers, ash trays, grip assists, grab rail, reservoirs, tank assembly, lid glove box, car A/C parts, gear shift knob, door a fuel filler parts, cap antenna, nozzle w/s washer, cover instrument panel, knobs, clips, box assembly fuse, wiring harness connectors, couplers, Protectors, Relay Box, Junction Box, press stamping terminals and Bus Bar.

Medical Equipment Industry

Plastic parts and assemblies for X-ray, MRI, Ultrasound and other medical equipment’s /machines.

Electrical Industries

Plastic moulded parts for MCBs, Contactors, PCBs, case and covers etc.


The company is located in

  • Noida (India)


SMIIEL (A unit of Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd)
E-4&5, Sector-59
Noida-201301, India

Phone: +91-120-4760800 (Hunting line)
Fax: +91-120-4760966