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Samvardhana Motherson Innovative Autosystems (SMIA), formerly known as Scherer & Trier, was established in Michelau, Germany, in 1967. Since then, the innovation driven company has developed into one of the largest employers in the region and established a further presence in Germany and Mexico. SMIA is part of the ‘Modules & Polymer Products’ division at Motherson and is a leading provider of innovative and high-quality plastic parts to global automotive OEMs. We specialise in developing top-tier plastic solutions tailored for automotive and industrial applications, meeting diverse functional and design requirements. In addition to manufacturing, SMIA also offers a broad spectrum of services such as in-house materials development, product design, prototyping, tool and equipment engineering, and just-in-time (JIT) delivery, making us a full solutions provider. This gives us a competitive advantage and positions us as a reliable and preferred strategic partner to our customers globally.


At SMIA, we are committed to producing the highest quality plastic and hybrid components with first-class surfaces that are not only lightweight and environmentally friendly but also meet the increasing demand for appearance and feel. Our diverse product range includes components for both exterior and interior automobile applications. We also produce parts for many other industries, including furniture, electrical, and construction. Each part goes through stringent quality tests based on international standards, to ensure our customers get nothing but the finest. The people at SMIA are focused on continuous improvements and innovation, driving numerous groundbreaking inventions and patent applications over the past four decades. This helps us stay ahead of the curve and better serve our customers while continuously pushing the boundaries of excellence.

Automotive exterior products

  • A-, B-,C-pillar appliques
  • Outer scuff plates
  • Roof moldings / water separators
  • Front/rear screen moldings
  • Rocker panels
  • Body side and side fender moldings
  • Outer belt line moldings
  • Front and Rear spoilers
  • Grip molding for trunk lid
  • Decorative moldings for lighting products
  • Tank cover modules
  • Antenna hoods

Automotive interior products

  • Air bag covers
  • B-pillar covers
  • Inner scuff plates
  • Footrest moldings
  • Inner belt moldings
  • Decorative trim parts
  • Cover for seat guiding
  • Inner trunk box cover

Electrical sector

  • Bus bars and collector wires
  • Cable guides and management
  • Cover plates and handles, aluminum combined with plastics

Sanitary sector

  • Sealing and magnetic profiles
  • Stainless steel profiles combined with plastuc
  • Aluminum profiles co-extruded with plastic
  • Decorative molded parts

Furniture sector

  • Shutter profiles and shutter systems
  • Wall seals, heat resistant with metal inserts
  • Cable management with aluminium surfaces
  • Molded decorative parts

Building sector

  • TIS® -thermally improved spacers
  • Carriers and profiles for luminous advertising
  • Shutter profiles, UV stable and dirt resistant.
  • Winter garden profiles with true aluminum appearance.

Health and Medical sector

  • Micro extrusion, down to 0.4 mm
  • Micro chip carrier systems
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We work with our customers at every step of the product lifecycle and develop cutting-edge plastic parts using advanced manufacturing capabilities. We specialise in a wide range of extrusion and injection moulding techniques, allowing us to tailor our manufacturing processes to meet diverse customer requirements for shape, functionality and design, and produce high-quality components efficiently and effectively. Further, with a state-of-the-art paint shop, our team delivers finished plastic parts and profiles that are fully ready for installation. We are also experts in developing hybrid components, seamlessly integrating metals like aluminium or stainless steel during the manufacturing process.


The extrusion process is fundamentally the production of an infinitely long plastic profile which is subsequently cut to the desired length. Our strengths include:

  • Customised parts for various appearances and functional enhancements.
  • Unlimited ability to combine plastics with other materials
  • Capable of creating true metal surfaces – aluminium or stainless steel.
  • Expertise in direct extrusion of profiles in the car's colour.

Injection molding

From intricate interior panels and functional components to durable exterior trim pieces and essential structural elements, our injection molding processes enable the creation of complex shapes with precision and efficiency.

  • Specialised injection molding techniques enable economical production of molded parts in large quantities.
  • One, two, and three-component injection molding techniques –hard/soft combinations, in-mold and insert processes, chemical foaming, thin-wall or gas/water injection technology, and multi-daylight injection molding.
  • Machines can achieve clamping forces of up to 2,700 tons.
  • Unique capability to injection-mold multiple plastic components onto a previously extruded profile, enhancing design surfaces with additional functionalities.
  • Potential for advanced development in the 2-component-high-gloss technique and back-injection molding.
  • Focus on manufacturing large-area, paint-capable plastic parts in the future.


The emphasis for our surface treatments is on body side moldings, rocker panels, panels and trim parts. By maintaining strict clean-room conditions, we can produce painted plastic surfaces of the highest quality and deliver these parts to the assembly plant "just in time" or even also "just in sequence".

  • We exclusively use water-soluble painting systems which, to a large extent, match original chassis paints.
  • State-of-the-art coating facilities equipped with environmentally friendly processes.
  • Expertise in applying coatings to plastic parts of all shapes and sizes.
  • Custom colour matching capabilities to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Quality control measures to ensure consistent coating thickness and finish quality across batches.
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Terms & conditions of purchase

Detailed terms and conditions that govern our purchasing transactions to foster transparency, efficiency, and a collaborative partnership.

SMIA Price list for the provision of services

Outlines our service offerings and associated pricing structures, ensuring clarity and alignment as we embark on collaborative ventures together.

Supplier code of conduct

A guiding framework designed to promote ethical practices, sustainability, and integrity in our supplier relationships.

Supplier quality agreement

Outlines our rigorous standards and protocols to uphold product excellence and strengthen our partnerships with suppliers.

Supplier handbook

A comprehensive guide providing essential information, policies, and collaboration guidelines to ensure a seamless and mutually beneficial partnership.

Our certifications reflect our dedication to upholding the highest quality standards and industry benchmarks, ensuring trust, reliability, and performance across all our operations.

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

IATF 16949

ISO 9001

ISO 5001:2018

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