MSSL Advanced Polymers s.r.o. MSSL Advanced Polymers s.r.o.

MSSL Advanced Polymers s.r.o. (MSP CZE) is a subsidiary of Motherson Sumi Systems Limited.

MSP CZE manufactures injection moulding components for mainly automotive Industry with specialisation in precision moulded aesthetic components.

The company has moulding machines upto 650T. MSP CZE has the unique process of 2-layer injection molding with fully automated metal insertion, Vertical IM with turn table. The company supplies primarily to leading European automotive tier I suppliers as well as to non automotive industries providing support right from product development stage to tooling development, manufacturing and supply logistics. MSP CZE also supplies to automotive OEMs in Europe.

The product range includes:

  • Precision Moulded aesthetic components
  • 2K Moulded products
  • Insert moulded components
  • Components with safety requirements
  • Prefabricated assemblies
  • Automotive Safety Belts System Parts
  • Purifier Assembly Parts and Housings - Air, Petrol, Oil
  • Door Balancer & Door Check Parts
  • Electronic Control Unit Covers
  • Sensor Parts
  • Fuel SuppLy Parts
  • Pneumatic Tube Parts - Production and Assembly, Interior Trim Parts
  • Electrical Circuit Breaker Parts, Roof rail parts, Mirror parts

Quality Certificates

In 2012 the company received Ford Q1 Certification.
TS 16949, ISO 9001:14001, ISO 14001


The company is located in

  • Dolní Ředice, Czech Republic near to the Pardubice city


MSSL Advanced Polymers s.r.o.
Dašická 287
CZ-533 75 Dolní Ředice
Czech Republic
VAT-ID: CZ60108576

Phone: +420 495 405 101
Fax: +420 495 405 113