Motherson Elastomers Pty Ltd Motherson Elastomers Pty Ltd

Motherson Elastomers Pty Ltd. is a subsidiary of Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. and is engaged in manufacturing rubber extruded components and rubber mixing.

MEPL is one of the leading non-tyre related rubber mixing plants in Australia. It has currently 1900 material formulations which include 15 different polymers. MEPL specializes in moulded & extruded rubber products for automotive, construction & industrial applications.
MEPL has rubber mixing capability to produce both natural & synthetic rubber compound, uncured gear pumped extrusion and sidewall veneer. The EPDM extrusions facilities have Ballotini Line with wire reinforced carrier & Microwave Line with auto taping capability, supported by coating process with component identification printing.

The product range of MEPL includes SilentblocĀ® anti vibration solutions consisting of stud mounts, light duty pedestal mounts, medium deflection frustacon, high deflection frustex, heavy duty pedestal mounts, low deflection medium duty mounts, shear compression mounts, machine level mounts, flange mounts, vibration control pads, suspension isolators, flexible bearings, link assemblies, flexible couplings, rail products.

  • Injection & Compression Moulding Capabilities
    • Silentbloc Industrial Mountings and couplings
    • Auto & Truck Suspension Components
    • Wheel Chocks
    • High Precision Moulded Products
    • Moulded Rubber Brake Components
    • Rolling Stock Bogie Rubber & Metal Components
  • Bonded Components
    • Suspension Bushes
    • Engine & Transmission variants
    • Bump Stops
    • Large Engine Gaskets
  • Extruded Rubber Profiles
    • Weather Strips
    • Glass Run
    • Boot and Hood Seals
    • Tank Straps
    • Rubber

Quality Certificate

ISO 9001 2015, ISO 14001 2015


The company is located in

  • Australia


Office Addresses

48-86 Powell Street
Bendigo, Victoria
Australia 3552

Phone: +61 3 5440 2069

Fax: +61 3 5443 1661