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Motherson Innovations is Motherson Group’s cross-divisional team for the support, development and production of enhanced solutions.

Motherson Innovations is a full service industry expert serving market segments including automotive, medical, white goods and clean-tech. A primary objective for MI is to bring new and innovative technologies to the group with the ultimate aim to provide solutions that add value for customers and the other operating verticals in the future. It works collaboratively with customers to develop and produce simple to highly complex products.

The company is driven by researching and networking with leading industry partners, sharing best technologies and process solutions in all areas. The company provides start-up support by helping to set up new companies and guiding them from the initial stage until the time they mature into successful organizations. MI with its extensive global experience in strategic planning, research and development, financing, IT solutions, engineering, production, logistics etc. contributes to the establishment and success of start-up organisations.

Motherson Innovations is fast in creating powerful networks that links leading technology specialists in the industry within the Motherson Group and its broad global customer base. The company strategically provides and creates an ideal situation for all parties in this network in gaining best solutions and accessing new markets.


The company is located in

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Unites States


Motherson Innovations Ltd.
Office 23, Pure Offices
One Port Way
Port Solent
P06 4TY
United Kingdom

Phone: +49 (0) 711 185610