Motherson believes in the power of collaborations. Over the years the group has forged long term partnerships and collaborations with global technology leaders for different products, technologies and customer requirements.

As the group grew, so did its partnerships. Today Motherson has 33 collaborators from nine countries. These partnerships operate across various business divisions, products and technologies, and cater to differing customer needs. The joint venture entities have invested in state-of- the-art technologies and infrastructure to ensure superior efficiencies and total customer satisfaction.

The group's association with its business partners has only enhanced its focus on innovation and continuous efficiency improvements. Motherson has consistently leveraged the combination of its partners' technologies with its own existing know-how and manufacturing capabilities to provide high quality components and integrated solutions to its customers.

Each partner brings specialised knowledge, new products and methodologies, and the latest technology, which helps the group maintain its competitive edge. This has further helped Motherson leverage its competencies to consistently create products and offer services fulfilling and catering to the present and emerging needs of its customers.