Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd Wiring Harness Division

The nervous system of a vehicle, wiring harness, carries current and signals from one point to another in a vehicle when connected to a power source.  MSSL manufactures customized wiring harnesses with best of craftsmanship which functions to the desired level. Fit, function, efficiency, safety and reliability are guaranteed by more than thousands of highly skilled pair of hands who work in tandem to achieve one goal – Customer Delight.

The Brand, MSSL, is known for world-class products in wires, cables, wiring systems, connectors, terminals and other wiring harness components. It provides innovative solutions to its customers globally for passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, scooters, agricultural & farm equipment, construction equipment and other electrical equipment. The continuous focus on high quality products and processes enables MSSL to provide the best possible connections to its esteemed customers.

The company services its customers globally by setting up facilities in the proximity to its customer in the regions and markets it serves. From these facilities, MSSL provides services of design, development, proto-typing, validation throughout the entire development period. Understanding of unique customer requirements and delivering solutions that exactly meet these requirements is the way of life at MSSL.