Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd Design & Engineering

Product Design

With continuous change in customer requirements, the complexity and size of harnesses is rapidly growing. With the emergence of new process technologies, the handoff between harness design and manufacturing has changed from a simple process to a multi-step process to ensure design for manufacturability.

Equipped with large resource-pool of highly trained and qualified design engineers, MSSL provides design services & support to its customers using latest design softwares with a focus on ease in manufacturing. Development and prototype support are provided from multiple facilities globally.

Support Levels

  • Harness routing and layout study
  • Component Selection
  • Benchmarking
  • Wiring Harness Design
  • Component Design
  • Attribute and Feature Based Designs (ABR/FBR)
  • Value Analysis & Value Engineering
  • Onsite Engineering Support
  • Design Change Management

Process Engineering

The ability of manufacturing process to handle the expected variability of raw materials, operating conditions, process equipment, environmental conditions and human factors is the key to the robustness of any process.

MSSL has in-house capabilities for design and development of wiring harness manufacturing processes. This allows it to have robust, stable, capable, simple, easy and mistake proof process to ensure the desired quality levels and reduced development lead times.

Process Capabilities

  • In house Process design, development and validation
  • Designing & manufacturing of jigs & fixtures and special purpose equipment
  • Designing & manufacturing of Crimp parameter
  • Applicator design & manufacturing
  • Design & manufacturing of circuit test boards, assembly boards and material handling equipment
  • Tooling design for wiring harness process equipment, testing & assembly equipment