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The Motherson Group combines the power of innovation and product quality to passionately create world class products that cater to customer needs across diverse industries, especially automotive. Founded in 1975, the group has a diversified industry-leading portfolio of auto ancillary products and services that make it a full system solutions provider for its customers across the globe. With market leading products ranging from Electrical Distribution Systems, automotive rearview mirrors, polymer processing, lighting systems, air intake manifolds and HVAC systems. Motherson’s principal focus is the automotive industry, globally and in India. Motherson is a leading supplier to automotive industry globally. It also serves wide number of other industries. The group recorded a turnover of USD 11.7 billion (approx.) during 2018-19.


40 Years of Motherson
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Growth and Market Leadership

Growth and Market Leadership

Motherson enjoys global leadership in its businesses. It connects innovation, creativity, employee participation and performance excellence to create world class products and services for its global customers. more

Within the automotive industry, Motherson is one of the largest manufacturers globally of exterior rearview mirrors and wiring harnesses for commercial vehicles.

In Europe it is one of the largest manufacturers of IP modules, door trims and bumpers. Also it has market leadership position in exterior rearview mirrors and wiring harness for commercial vehicles, 2-wheelers, earthmoving and material handling equipment in Europe.

In India, Motherson is one of the largest manufacturers of wiring harnesses, rearview mirrors for passenger cars, moulded components and modules, exterior lighting solutions, plastic air intake manifolds, cabins for large size dump trucks, gear cutting tools, CBN & PCD cutting tools and exterior lighting solutions.

The group has expanded its presence and enhanced its leadership position in the market through a combination of steady organic growth and strategic acquisitions. The group has a multinational business having manufacturing and design capabilities catering to customers spread across multiple geographies. Motherson's success is also attributable to the strength of its multiple collaborations with players who are global leaders in their respective fields. Today, the group has 33 collaborators.

Strong vertical and horizontal integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution and growth of Motherson. Starting with wiring harness manufacturing, Motherson focused on vertical backward integration in wiring harness and started manufacturing plastic components, injections moulding tools and rubber components. Today, each of these streams is an independent business vertical. Modules and Assemblies were forward integration of these ranges.

Diverse Product Range

Diverse Product Range

Supported by its wide product range, Motherson caters to a wide range of customers in the automotive and other industries. more

The product portfolio of the group comprises electrical distribution systems (wiring harnesses), automotive rearview mirrors, moulded plastic parts and assemblies, extruded and injection moulding tools and components, moulded and extruded rubber components, interior and exterior polymer modules like cockpits / IPs, door trims, bumpers, automotive modules such as lighting systems, air intake manifolds, pedal box assemblies, HVAC systems for passenger and commercial vehicles, air conditioning systems and roof hatches for buses, clutches for car AC compressors, cabins for off-highway vehicles, machined metal products, cutting tools, aluminum die casted products, sheet metal parts, sintered metal parts, thin film coating metals, IT services and wireless power. The group has also invested in technologies that provide manufacturing support including compressors, paint coating equipment, auxiliary equipment for injection moulding machines, intelligent cooling solutions and automotive manufacturing engineering services. The group has expanded its presence in new areas that include Aerospace, Defence and Security, Logistics and Medical Diagnostic Equipment.

Motherson supports its customers from the intial stages of product development, including conceptualization, designing, prototyping and tool manufacturing. This ability of the group to provide end-to-end designing and manufacturing solutions to its customers helps it in becoming a preferred solution provider to its customers globally.

Global Presence

  • 41 countries
  • 270 facilities
  • 24 design centres
  • 135,000 professionals

Motherson has operations in 41 Countries across North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia. Customers are served globally from 270 facilities spread across the globe by over 135,000 professionals.