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Lighting & Electronics

The Lighting & Electronics division consists of a spectrum of businesses that focus on OEM supplies and also do business through direct channels. The bouquet of products that this division offers includes exterior lighting and electronics, passenger car HVAC compressors, body control modules, shock absorbers and products for backward integration like aluminium die-casted components and clutch assembly for HVAC Compressors. The division also engages in the area of direct B2B supply, utilizing various distributor networks and engaging in direct sales and services to the end customer for automotive parts in the independent aftermarket and marketing of air compressors and paint coating equipment. 

The Lighting & Electronics division serves the automotive sector together with other multiple industries. The division offers industry independent solutions in conjunction with many collaborators globally like Marelli Europe S.p.A. (Italy) for lighting systems, electronics, shock absorbers and gas balancers; Youngshin Components Co. Ltd. (South Korea) for clutches for car AC compressors, Marelli Corporation (Japan) for passenger car HVAC and compressors and Anest Iwata Corporation (Japan) for air compressors and paint coating equipment.

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Lighting Systems

Motherson develops, manufactures and delivers exterior automotive lighting systems for carmakers in India including:

  • Front Lighting including Headlamps, Day Time Running Lights and Fog Lamps
  • Rear Lighting including Rear combination lamps and CHMSL

The company offers broad in-house design services along with the manufacturing capabilities including plastic injection moulding, surface coating, metalising, welding, testing and assembly. 


  • In-house design centre, photometric lab and validation facility with validation lab approved and released by OEMs.
  • Unique technology for headlamps including 2k outer lens, multi reflection system, localised Bi-LED and mono/ Bi HAL projector module, laser demetallisation and different types of metallisation.
  • The technology used for rear centre lamps includes 4K outer lens overlay moulding, SKIN lens moulding. Capabilities also include in-house electronics lab, in-house light guide moulding and laser demetallisation.

Air Intake Manifold Assembly

The division manufactures high tech plastic air intake modules with integrated manifolds with variable geometry and enhanced dynamic performance. Integrated air intake manifold (AIM) includes assembly of throttle body, fuel rail, injectors, actuator, and pressure sensor.


  • Latest technology in AIM includes Gasoline Direct Injection, variable geometry, pedal release system during crash.
  • Capabilities acquired include mechanical design and  in-house endurance testing.
  • Equipped with the latest design software and hardware.

Shock absorbers

Manufactures a wide range of products including struts, shocks, gas springs, electronic shock absorbers, damping control systems and lifting systems for the Indian automotive market.


  • Providing technological solutions such as full-displacement valve, the frequency-dependent dual-stage and the digressive curve valving, aimed at reaching high-level performances in terms of comfort and NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness).

Paint coating solutions

Spray painting equipment- paint circulation systems – turnkey paint shops

These include spray guns, paint feed diaphragm pumps, paint circulation system, robotics, airless spray equipment, electrostatic spray equipment, 2k machine (two-component mixer machine), hoses and connectors for customers based in India.


  • The coating equipment division integrates the core technology of atomisation, fluid supply and its control with cutting-edge technology, covering a wide range of coating applications.
  • Establishing turnkey paint-shops undertaking responsibility for a good painted surface.

Air compressors

Specialist in heavy-duty industrial air compressors, oil-free compressors for medical and other high-quality air applications.

Leader in brake system compressors for railway and electric/hybrid buses and all other futuristic air compressors technologies for varied applications.


  • In-house designing, development and manufacturing of air compressors and vacuum pumps. Patented design product for oil-free reciprocating compressors.

Products for the after-market

The after-market wing deals with auto suspension parts, brake parts, cables, rearview mirrors, cabin filters, car accessory products, lubricants and coolants & Aerobin composter.


  • Segment-wise channel development and new product development.
  • Engaged in the business of distributing and selling automotive and non-automotive products through its wide network of 150 plus distributors across India and exports.

Clutch for car AC compressors

Total assembly of clutch set comprising of clutch driver assembly, pulley and bearing assembly and coil housing assembly for passenger car air conditioners in India.


  • For clutch assembly, complete knowhow and technical support backed by the most modern facility and SPMs developed specifically for optimum clutch performance.

Aluminium die-casted parts

Manufacturing of aluminium die-casted parts, which are used in the engine like cylinder block, cylinder head, bedplate, chaincase, oil filter adapter, water pump, oil cooler cover, throttle body, EGR valve and powertrain like housings, electronic controlled coupling, rear differential, clutch assistance valve body and proportionate valve etc. in India.


  • For manufacturing aluminium die casting parts: state-of-the-art equipment with robotic die casting, heat treatment, shot blasting, precision machining, inspection, testing and heat treatment facilities.

Compressor/ BCM

  • Body Control Module is a part of a distributed control mechanism of a vehicle controlling various functions
  • Compressor for airconditioning system is used to compress refrigerant to achieve the desired temperature  


  • Functions that are controlled by BCM is exterior lighting, interior lighting, wiper, anti-theft, remote keyless entry, power window, rain sensor
  • The product range is between 80cc to 100 cc and it is a rotary vane type compressor


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