Global Environment Management (FZC) Global Environment Management

Global Environment Management (FZC) is a Motherson Group company.

GEM has been formed for the development & marketing of commercially viable environment improving products. Aerobin is a home and garden containment system which enables householders to divert all organic kitchen and garden recyclable materials away from landfill. Instead the resulting compost can be added to garden soil to complete the natural carbon cycle, thereby avoiding the generation of greenhouse gases in the collection, transportation and anaerobic decomposition at landfill that would otherwise occur.

The Aerobin incorporates patented technology that supports a healthy aerobic decomposition of the biomass materials without the need for manual intervention. The patented aeration system along with integral insulation ensures that composting is year round even in cold climates. Experts say that this is the preferred method to compost and will contribute in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Aerobin simply makes composting quick, easy and rewarding.


The company is located in

  • United Arab Emirates


Global Environment Management (FZC)
P.O. Box 9566
Executive Desk Q1–05–138/A
Sharjah Airport International Free Zone
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates