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Retail & Services

The Retail & Services division consists of a spectrum of businesses that go beyond OEM supplies and do business through direct channels. The division forages in the area of direct B2B supply, utilizing various distributor networks and engaging in direct sales and services to the end customer.

The bouquet of products that this division offers supports the manufacturing operations of its customers and also directly caters to the requirements of end customers in India. This division enhances customer satisfaction and establishes a strong relationship with them, going beyond the supplies of standard products and modules. The division also provides various kinds of specialised services to other group companies, creating a support structure to propel growth and future expansion.

The Retail & Services division helps to spread the group’s customer base across multiple industries, as the division offers industry independent solutions in conjunction with many collaborators globally. Like Anest Iwata Corporation, Japan, for air compressors and paint coating equipment; Matsui Mfg. Co. Ltd., Japan, for auxiliary equipment for injection moulding machines and Frigel Firenze S.p.A., Italy, for intelligent process cooling.  For developing the industrial park in Chennai, India, a joint venture has been entered into with Sojitz Corporation, Japan.

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Paint coating solutions

Spray painting equipment- paint circulation systems – turnkey paint shops

These include spray guns, paint feed diaphragm pumps, paint circulation system, robotics, airless spray equipment, electrostatic spray equipment, 2k machine (two-component mixer machine), hoses and connectors for customers based in India.


  • The coating equipment division integrates the core technology of atomization, fluid supply and its control with cutting-edge technology, covering a wide range of coating applications.
  •  Establishing turnkey paint-shops undertaking responsibility for a good painted surface.

Air compressors

Specialist in heavy-duty industrial air compressors, oil-free compressors for medical and other high-quality air applications, brake system compressors for railway and electric/hybrid buses and all other futuristic air compressors technologies for varied applications.


  • In-house designing, development and manufacturing of air compressors and vacuum pumps. Patented design product for oil free reciprocating compressors.

Auxiliary equipment for injection moulding machines

Manufacturing of equipment – Dehumidifying dryer, hot air dryer, mould temperature controller, vacuum loader, granulator, chiller, blender, dosing unit, material tank, centralised conveying system, dosing unit, descaling pump, all-metal separator and silo. 


  • Designing, manufacturing, assembly, installation and servicing of a comprehensive range of auxiliary equipment for injection moulding machines.
  • Segments served to include automotive, PET, healthcare, extrusion, pharmaceutical, tyre & rubber, household and food industry.

Waste recycling system

Specialises in developing ecologically sustainable products and services. The Aerobin home composter is an environmental product that offers passive, environmentally friendly and superior performance in diverting all organic kitchen and garden materials away fro landfill, allowing their carbon content to be returned to the earth in the form of rich and healthy compost.


  • Use of patented technology that supports a healthy aerobic decomposition of the biomass materials without the need for manual intervention.

Intelligent cooling solutions

Centralised adiabatic closed-loop cooler, centralised chiller (air and water-cooled), machine side chiller/booster/temperature controller, machine side booster/temperature controller, mould temperature controller, heat and cool mould temperature controller, dehumidifying dryer, cap cooler, VFD pumping station, filtration and buffer SS tank, cooling system digital control panel, machine interactive data base management system.


  • Undertakes manufacturing, marketing, installation and servicing of intelligent cooling systems in India and SAARC region.

Products for the after-market

The after-market wing deals with auto suspension parts, brake parts, cables, rearview mirrors, cabin filters, car accessory products, automotive lighting & Aerobin composter.


  • Segment-wise Channel Development & New Product Development.
  • Engaged in the business of distributing and selling automotive and non-automotive products through its widespread network of 150 plus distributors across India and exports.

Industrial park

Accommodates auto ancillary manufacturing units and light engineering units. “Plug & Play” features like levelled plots available on long term lease with water supply & sewage disposal points on the plots, electrification and telecommunication facilities, common area security and street lighting, landscaped sidewalks etc. Warehouse / ready to use factories for rent is also available.


  • One of the most equipped and infrastructure rich Industrial parks in India. Also provides management support to companies on obtaining statutory approvals and helps to set up operations.


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